06/17/24 - FINALLY made an actual page for my wwe shrine instead of just having it on my WIP page lolol still no where near done but its there!
06/09/24 - been working on a new shrine :) fixed some issues w my floaties on the home page. chrome users are NOT welcomed here i cant figure out the toolbar css to get RID OF THE DAMN THING!!! IT MAKES EVERYTHING LOOK SO UGLY!
05/07/24 - reworked my journal and added a section for physical media i own! that's gonna be a work in progress for a litle bit tho bc theres a lot to log lol
05/04/24 - okay NOW im done w the new homepage LOL .. slacked off for a bit but its fine :3
04/27/24 - been working on a new homepage for a bit and i think today i'll finally get it done!!
01/20/24 - happy new year!! i posted a new journal. good to be back ♥
07/27/23 - back working on my journal!
05/02/23 - finally added a journal/blog/whatever! yay! now im gonna totally redo my gwar shrine bc i dont like how it is atm LOL
04/30/23 - slowly but surley making a blog :( i want to have a place to log my concert goings so bad!!!
01/21/23 - long time no see! im currently working on making a little blog page for me to just ramble about whatever :D hopefully i'll have that up today
12/22/22 - added a spot for webrings :D goodbyeeee place holder kitty who is no longer place holding. hopefully i'll be able to add many more!
12/8/22 - update about updates. they are going 2 be .. so slow for a while bc i started my first job this week :) and it is taking all the life out of me. till i get used to working i dont think i'll have time to do big updates :(
12/4/22 - reformated a few pages, finally added buttons for mutuals on my cool sites page, and started another shrine!
11/18/22 - reformated the homepage a bit, made a button, and a few other small things
11/12/22 - ...again! took a break, worked on this again and got the homepage around where i want it for the time being
11/12/22 - FINISHED MY BIO !! now onto cleaning up the homepage
11/3/22 - started my bio and worked on shrines again :3
11/2/22 - fixed some colors, worked on the homepage, and started on a few shrines!
10/31/22 - started coding the basics of the site!! im excitied to be back on geocities :D